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Mini Maul Pins

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KENOBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Who doesn't love this ridiculous man? Survives being cut in half out of sheer spite. Wanders around Lotho Minor with his arachnid backside. His brother finds him, he goes Lieutenant Dan and gets some nice new legs from his mama. Continues on with his master plan, still after Kenobi... eventually gets some normal legs, and here we are, at least as far as The Clone Wars go.

And now you can have yourself Spider Butt Maul or Lieutenant Dan Robo Legs Maul. Awesome.


  • 1.18" x 1.43" (Spider Butt Maul)
  • .82" x 1.5" (Robo Legs Maul)
  • Double Pin Back (Spider Butt & Robo Legs Mauls)
  • Hard Enamel