May the 4th

The holiest day of the Star Wars Universe will soon be upon us, and we know you're curious about what is coming. So here we go:

  • Mini Togruta Apprentice Pin Set - Includes young Ahsoka, middling Ahsoka, and Mando Ahsoka.
  • Mini Maul Pin Set - Includes spider butt Maul, robo legs Maul, and bog standard Mando Maul.
  • Full Mini Maul, Togruta Apprentice, and Vaughn Pin Set - Includes all three Ahsokas, all three Mauls, and Vaughn from the 332nd.
  • Siege Pin Set - Includes Vaughn, Mando Ahsoka, and Mando Maul.
  • And of course, singles available for all of the above.
  • Also, 50% off B-Grade sale midnight CST May 4th to 11:59 PM CST May 8th! (This will include all items in the B-Grade listing as well as the Rancor Battalion Pins listing.)

May the 4th and the Force be with you.

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